Financial Management and Social Responsibility



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Financial management is an integral part of good corporate governance. Good financial practices can lead to improved efficiency, better decision-making and protection of investors interests. Financial managers are responsible for the larger aspects of a company’s overall finances as well as managing its budgets, accounts payable/receivable, investments and related activities with the aim of optimizing returns on investment while minimizing risk in all areas. 

At Tarang – one leading service provider in Nepal – we believe that sound economic principles must be accompanied by social responsibility policies that encourage ethical behaviour within organizations such as those we serve throughout our nation’s economy. It should also contribute to sustainability both economically and socially over time through progressive environmental policy initiatives We practice what we preach here at Tarang when it comes to creating sustainable value: recognizing stakeholders beyond shareholders by taking into account not only short-term but long term objectives; ensuring transparent information disclosure; fostering a culture based on integrity and respect among colleagues; promoting collaboration between employees from different backgrounds ; working closely with local communities to wait high standards governing environmental matters . By embracing this comprehensive approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), our clients benefit from knowing their invested capital has been responsibly managed accordingly to their expectations yet responding positively to demands from society at large supported by contractual commitments mandating minimum compliance levels across various disciplines where appropriate..

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