Best Instagram captions for girls 2018



– No, I checked my receipt. I didn’t buy any of your bullshit.

-If you treat a girl like a dog, she’s going to piss on you.

-I didn’t kill anyone, jealousy did.

-If you are testing my water, you better know how to swim.

-I don’t know what’s tighter, our jeans or our friendship.

-I swearI’mm nice girl until you do something that pisses me off.. then the bitch will come out to play.

-I want a relationship like “Tom & Jerry” fight daily, still can’t live without each other.

– Cry only for cuts and stitches not for bastards and bitches.

-My biggest problem? I notice everything.

-It’s sad but life is full of sudden good bye’s.

-I gave so much to someone who never appreciated it.

-I’m a good person. But don’t give me a reason to show you my evil side.

-Pay close attention to people who don’t clap when you win.

-There are two reasons why we don’t trust people. First, we don’t know them. Second, we know them.

-Be careful who you push away. Some of us don’t come back.

-Some people are not your friend, they are just scared to be your enemy.

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