Poverty and unemployment



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Poverty and unemployment are two very serious issues that plague the Nepalese society today. Over a quarter of Nepal’s population lives below the poverty line, while unemployment levels remain high due to lack of jobs in many areas. These alarming statistics mean that too many people struggle to access basic needs such as adequate food, clothing and shelter on a daily basis. Furthermore, with limited work opportunities available for those who want them it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to sustain themselves financially or break out of the cycle of poverty they find themselves stuck in . 

The consequences are far reaching; from an educational perspective students may miss out on receiving proper education owing to their family’s financial situation thus limiting their employment prospects when trying gain entry into further studies or secure potential job placements after graduating school . It has been proven time again low income households have greater difficulty finding stable quality employment which increases vulnerability towards stressful situations impacting mental health outcomes negatively over time if not intervened upon sufficiently. Additionally , poverty can lead individuals feeling demoralized throughout life leaving little room in search economic advancement leading more severe social implications like crime rates increasing drastically within certain communities at large scale level making good living conditions virtually non existent through no fault but pure circumstantial luck alone without any effort put forth by some whose destiny seemed sealed before even taking one step forward instead having every opportunity denied right away indefinitely regardless all attempts made advance oneself up latterly namely lacking employable skills employers require doing so either way ultimately robbing.

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